Friday, September 30, 2016

September 2016

The end of September signifies the ushering in of the Fall season and the start of the cardiovascular system block.  Like the beginning of the Fall, the CV Block brings a breath of fresh air to the curriculum and is a nice chance of pace from the preceding block on Neoplasia/Hematology. Through my experiences as an EKG Technician, I have become well acquainted with the cardiovascular system and it has earned a special place in my heart (pun intended). Tulane has always been known as a place of intense CV research, and  our professors have done well to translate their enthusiasm and expertise into our lectures. We recently completed our first TBL, Team-Based-Learning, exercise and are now preparing for our first CV Simulation. I really enjoy these collaborative exercises not only because they give practical, working use and knowledge of the material, but also because they give experience in what It would be like to work as a team in a medical setting. The team based approach to medicine is being highly emphasized as the optimal way to care for a patient and the hands on experience we gain from these exercises is translatable to our future careers. My performance on the block exams has been great thus far and my study habits are improving as we go along in the course work. Each new block brings on its own challenges and I am quickly learning to read for context and understanding through mainly focusing on the high yield material. Like most of my peers, I am inherently curious and delving too far into any subject matter will quickly send you down the rabbit hole. I have learned that it is best to build a very strong foundation in the block before going into the complex details of the human biology.

In regards to my community service, I have finally had the opportunity to meet with my Sci High teacher to discuss a tutoring schedule. I am excited to be assisting Mrs. Thomas in the physical science department. We talked at length about the curriculum the students will be covering and some of the other science classes that she suggests I tutor in. To me, practical application of knowledge has always been the best way to learn the material. The physical science class will allow me to help these students learn the sciences in a practical and functional way, instead of just reading theories and doing calculations. Sci High offers a “Maker” class where they do 3D printing and some woodworking. I will try to cross tutor in that classroom because working with computer and woodworking are two hobbies of mine that I feel I could lend a hand in.
Flood update: I have been making biweekly trips back to BR to help out where I am needed. I was mainly focusing on helping people in my neighborhood who needed drywall, insulation and cabinets ripped out. Most of my neighborhood looks back to normal and people are beginning to piece back together their lives. It is amazing what you can learn about building a house by just ripping it apart. I’ve learned so much through this experience about disaster management and the impact it can have on a community. I am continuing to learn more and more about what it takes to build a community and what it truly means to see a city and state working together to rebuild.

Powerlifting program update: Now that my recovery efforts in Baton Rouge are beginning to slow down and I have set a comfortable pace in our curriculum, I will be able to pursue setting up the powerlifting program for disabled athletes. I have reached out to my contact at the Baton Rouge Rehab facility who will be getting in touch with some local organizations on my behalf. We think we will be able work with the Paralympic Sport Club of New Orleans to recruit athletes and begin the process of starting up a new program there.

Community Service- 14 hours, Baton Rouge Flood Relief