Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October 2016

Phewwww. Glad that one's over! It has been a long arduous month of balancing school and other commitments, but all the hard work seems to be paying off. The beginning of October entailed tackling the cardiovascular block exam. I was a bit under the weather for the exam, but I have learned that the necessity to trudge on and persevere makes all the difference. It's very difficult when faced with adversity to stay focused and strong willed when the easiest solution is to take the path of least resistance. As an advancing medical professional, I am learning the fortitude, dedication and skills that are becoming necessary to excel in this field. The close of October marked the end of our study on Renal Pharmacology.  This block exam coincided with the Halloween festivities in New Orleans, so I opted to not partake in the New Orleans "tradition" of VooDoo Fest. The Renal Block provided a great supplemental knowledge about the cardiovascular system and showed how uniquely intertwined the two systems are. I now have a much greater appreciation for the collaboration between Cardiologist's and Nephrologist's in coordinating patient care. There is a delicate balance one must strike when coordinating care between these very important organs and their care can be antagonistic at times.

The service component of this program is helping me discover new passions of mine. While I have not been able to make much progress in terms of starting the power-lifting program, I have been finding success in volunteering at Sci High. I have been to several class sessions at Sci High thus far and even was a judge at their annual science fair. All my time has been spent helping the students in the Physical Science classroom prepare for the science fair and it was a fortunate opportunity I was able to judge the student’s projects I assisted with. Overall, I was very impressed with the projects and research these students did. Many of the students were asking questions well beyond their current grade level and most of them were seeking outside sources to fill the knowledge gaps where their curriculum was lacking. November brings a welcomes chill to Louisiana and another exciting month lays ahead!

Community Service- 20 Hours 

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