Tuesday, January 31, 2017

December 2016 - January 2017

It's been quite the busy last 2 months, but i'll do my best to be brief and just mention the highlights. The start of December and January was a battle of perseverance to say the least. I've been oscillating in and out of an upper respiratory infection most of this year and finally seem to be getting a reprieve now in late January (cross my fingers). I've never had to deal with illness and balancing commitments on the level I have this semester, but it’s been a great test of character that I’m proud to have gone through. Also, I'm very thankful to have such a supportive faculty in this program to help along the way.
The GI block in December and Neurology Block in January were two of my favorite blocks because of how interactive components integrated into the course work. The GI Block included a simulation where we prescribed opiates in an emergency room situation to a patient with varying comorbidities. The Neurology Block graced us with the presence of a local psychiatrist and her patient. It was an eye-opening experience to have such a candid conversation with a woman so keenly aware of her mental illness. I will remember the conversation she had with us for years to come and it gave me a much better perspective on mental illness. During the interview, the patient mentioned the importance of validating emotions when speaking with not just a patient with mental illness, but any person suffering an emotional episode. It seems like common sense, but I feel like this point is not emphasized enough in my experiences in healthcare.
We are currently on the psychopharmacology block and preparing for the upcoming exam next week. I think this program has really sparked my enthusiasm for learning and creating good study habits. There are points during the semester that I have felt over whelmed, but I’ve learned that working diligently every day makes the most impossible goals attainable.
I am looking forward to the coming weeks and experiencing what a New Orleans Mardi Gras has to offer!