Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February 2017

I can finally the see the finish line!

February was a whirl wind of a month that involved taking 7 tests in 5 weeks and giving 2 presentations to boot. We started with our Psychology exam in the beginning of February and learned about treating schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and classifying the drugs of abuse. Studying for this test was very similar to studying for my neurobiology classes in college. Understanding the interplay between neural firing and neurotransmitter regulation was essential in learning to manage and treat the different symptoms and pathologies associated with each disease. While we have many treatment options available for a wide spectrum of mental illnesses, it was highly emphasized that each treatment has a larger variance in effectiveness and side effects then other drugs classes. Patients are to be started on low doses and carefully increased in dosage until the most effective and safest level is reached.

We recently just finished up our section on endocrinology and reproduction. Endocrinology was a fairly straightforward chapter that focused on the treatment of diabetes and diseases of the hypothalamic pituitary axis. Learning about the different pathologies and treatments involved in type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus was enlightening and helpful. I have multiple friends and family who are diabetic and having a better understanding of their disease really helps give me a different perspective on chronic diseases. The reproductive portion of the block included a PBL with Dr. Lindsey. She orchestrated a very informative discussion on the treatment of different patient types and their possible contraceptive treatments.

Our medical pharmacology course is finally coming to a close with the upcoming shelf exam. I have already started my preparation for the exam and look forward to the challenge that awaits.

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