Friday, March 31, 2017

March 2017

The Shelf is OVER. If i could give any advice to next year's class when it comes to studying for the shelf exam it would be to make sure you know mechanisms of action and the characteristic side effects of each drug class. Knowing your drug classes and all the drugs from each classes individual mechanism of action was essential in differentiating answers on the shelf. It would seem like common knowledge , but i think it is definitely easy to gloss over the individual mechanism of action of a drug because you know what it treats. Knowing how drugs work is just as important as knowing what to use it for. We are on the home stretch for the program and the anticipation of graduation among my classmates is palpable. I think we all are coming out on the brighter side of things and i have only heard positive comments about the time we have spent in New Orleans and in this program. It is such an ease of mind that i actually possess practical medical skill set and have to tools to evaluate almost any medically oriented paper i pick up. Reading journals use to be a chore, now i enjoy delving into the details and conducting additional research to really let the message hit home.

This past month I was able to get some work in with my guys in Baton Rouge doing rehab work. They are really excelling ever since we were able to move the workouts from Baton Rouge Rehab to my families gym. We have been able to implement some explosive movement and tension training with rubber bands and chain work. The guys are training harder than ever for the upcoming Summer Endeavor games and i really look forward to seeing how they fair with another year of solid training under there belt.

Looking forward to our upcoming Crawfish boil in Audubon Park!

Service Hours: Power lifting Rehab work: 8

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