Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April 2017

April Hours:24
Habitat for Humanity:10
Power lifting Rehab: 4
Special Olympics: 10
Soil Collection:2
Semester Hours:34
Year Total:62

The year is OVER. It's been a whirl wind of a last couple of weeks. Every time I think my plate is getting empty, it fills right up again. I think trial by fire has made me very well accustomed to maximizing my days for productivity. I am even considering ordering premade meals and I LOVE to cook. Something this program has taught me is to set your goals and priorities then move to accomplish them with a vigorous passion. My intellectual curiosity will sometimes lead me down a rabbit hole of research or pursuit of a new skill. I have learned to manage this curiosity and apply it towards my goal.

This was my most productive and happiest month of volunteering. I love wood working so it was to no surprise that Habitat for Humanity builds were my favorite. We had a very small group the day I went, so I really enjoyed the one on one skill building they could provide. We even had the privilege to work with one of the families who would be receiving a home from habitat for humanity.  I also continued my annual tradition of working the Special Olympics with my Dad. The event is actually in May, but we are starting to plan right now. Every year the event grows and every year we seem to complete the event in record time. If you have never volunteered at the Special Olympics, It is worth a Saturday to make the trip down to Southeastern. Some of the athletes we work with move on to compete at the national and international levels and I would venture to say all of them show world class sportsmanship and camaraderie. This was the most meaningful year of school and volunteering that I have had. I am grateful for our committed professors and this wonderful year spent in New Orleans. I advocate this program to anyone looking to improve their knowledge of medicine and research while giving back to the community.

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